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19-21 October 1993


National Convention Centre, Canberra

Conference dinner: Grand Foyer, High Court of Australia


Civil Aviation Authority – Qantas Airways Ltd – British Airways – Continental Airlines – Federal Airports Corporation – Peter Isaacson Publications – The Preston Group – Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd – Thompson Radar

Keynote speaker

John J Nance

US aviator and author, opened the conference

John Nance

The inaugural conference opening sessions were entitled ‘The present scene’, where Dr Rob Lee, from the Australian Bureau of Air Safety, spoke on ‘New ideas in air safety’; followed by sessions on the Australian regulatory framework, and ‘International comparisons’ from Captain Dan Maurino.

The conference looked at every facet of aviation safety, from human factors (John Lauber of the NTSB), to commercial safety considerations (Don Kendell); flying ops (both fixed-wing and rotary); ground crew /maintenance(John Alldis); airspace (Captain Buck Brooksbank); cabin safety; and airlines.

On day 2, the conference sessions addressed the question: ‘Where to from here?’ with sessions on disaster management, technological developments, training, and the role of TQM in aviation.

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Dr Sue Burdekin

Life member of Safeskies from 2020

Most recently, Dr Sue Burdekin was the Aviation Program Coordinator in ADFA’s School of Engineering and Information Technology. She is a highly credentialled academic and researcher in human factors; and has been a senior lecturer in human factors and aviation safety since 2001. She has had experience in GA management and is a commercial pilot. She is a committee member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, a member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology, the Australian Aviation Psychology Association, the International Society of Air Safety Investigation, the Australian Women Pilots’ Association (a former state president), and a former board member of Safeskies.

She and her partner, Dr Robert (Rob) Lee, were regular speakers at Safeskies, bringing their wide-ranging and considerable human factors expertise to the conferences.