B200 King Air

2017 Beech King Air Essendon Airport, February

A B200 King Air charter passenger flight from Essendon Airport, Victoria to King Island, Tasmania with four passengers on board, collided with a building in Essendon Airport’s retail precinct while attempting to return after transmitting a Mayday call. The pilot and passengers were fatally injured, and the aircraft destroyed by the impact and post-impact fire.

Report: https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2017/aair/ao-2017-024/

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Dr Sue Burdekin

Life member of Safeskies from 2020

Most recently, Dr Sue Burdekin was the Aviation Program Coordinator in ADFA’s School of Engineering and Information Technology. She is a highly credentialled academic and researcher in human factors; and has been a senior lecturer in human factors and aviation safety since 2001. She has had experience in GA management and is a commercial pilot. She is a committee member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, a member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology, the Australian Aviation Psychology Association, the International Society of Air Safety Investigation, the Australian Women Pilots’ Association (a former state president), and a former board member of Safeskies.

She and her partner, Dr Robert (Rob) Lee, were regular speakers at Safeskies, bringing their wide-ranging and considerable human factors expertise to the conferences.